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Visitor Terms of Use

  1. You acknowledge that our website, links, and files are designed for English speakers and you are responsible for the translation and the comprehension of our website, links, and files.
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  9. You agree that reserves the right to ban users for any reason we see fit at any time.
  10. You agree that we are not responsible for any trades you make in the Forex market and that trading in the Forex market is done at your own will.
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  15. You agree that these terms of use are subject to change at any time and that you are responsible for checking this page regularly for updates.

Customer Terms & Conditions

  1. You acknowledge that our programs, support, and files are designed for English speakers and you are responsible for the comprehension of our programs, support, and files.
  2. It is the duty of the customer to provide complete and accurate information in writing regarding the desired programming needs. We must receive the details and requirements in writing via email, file download, fax, or postal mail.
  3. If our programming will depend on or use 3rd party programs, including but not limited to, custom indicators or DLL, then it is the customer's responsibility to completely test these 3rd party programs before contracting us for the job. We will not be held responsible for repainting, faulty, or bugged 3rd party programs.
  4. All details and requirements must be provided as full and final before we start on the job. Any extra details, requirements, or changes that are submitted after we already started or completed the job may not be granted unless a fee is paid for by the customer. Any fees will be charged at our sole discretion based on our current work load and complexity of the changes.
  5. It is the duty of the customer to send to us all external programs, such as custom indicators, that may be needed for the completion of our programming.
  6. We may contact the customer in cases of insufficient information, so that all concerns and/or questions may be addressed. In the event this is needed, the customer will be required to answer our questions in detail.
  7. We will not be responsible for any misunderstanding caused by an incomplete or inaccurate description sent to us and we may charge accordingly for any additional reprogramming that may be required.
  8. It is the responsibility of the customer to test the delivered program thoroughly to ensure that it is functioning according to specifications. We perform basic testing before delivery. All extensive testing is the responsibility of the client.
  9. All problems or bugs must be reported within 14 calendar days starting from the day we last deliver the program. We consider 14 calendar days sufficient enough time for most programs to be tested and for us to be made aware of any problems or bugs that may exist. This 14 day notification deadline is in place to keep our support and programming staff running efficiently and on time. If within 14 calandar days, a problem is reported and it is due to a fault of our own, then an update will be delivered and the 14 days will restart. After the 14 calandar day limit has passed without receiving any problem reports, we consider the job as finished and we may, at our sole discretion, charge a fee to investigate and/or work on the program again. Certain programs are more complex and may take longer than 14 days to test. In this event, a waiver to the 14 day term can be made before the job begins if it is agreed to by both parties. A waiver to the 14 day limit may, at our sole discretion, be subject to an extra fee due to the extended support that would be required.
  10. It is the duty of the customer to provide evidence in the form of logs, screenshots, or other detailed documentation when reporting errors or trading issues.
  11. It is the duty of the customer to always act professional and polite when sending us communications. Any violent, hateful, slanderous, harmful, or disrespectful communications received from the customer will not be tolerated and will be considered as a breach of the terms and contract.

Money Back Guarantee

  1. You may request full refund if the delivery did not happen within 7 working days after the estimated time of delivery.
  2. Our working days are defined as Monday through Friday excluding all major holidays. We strive to finish our customer's work as fast as possible even if that means programming on non-work days when possible. However, non-work days should not be counted in our estimated time of delivery.
  3. Our programming will commence after receiving cleared payment. Clearing times will vary depending on the chosen payment method. We do not process any payments but use 3rd party payment processors. We have no control over the process and are not responsible for the time it takes for payments to clear.
  4. If after receiving the completed program, you are not satisfied, we will attempt to reprogram your program free of charge as long as we are notified within 14 calendar days of the problem and the problem is caused by a fault in our programming. You may request a refund if we fail to complete the reprogramming within 7 days from the time of request.
  5. You may request a full refund only if we have failed to make a program according to your specifications that is error free and have exhausted all efforts of reprogramming.
  6. Refunds may be denied if you cannot provide evidence or supporting information that will help us investigate the problem and provide an update.
  7. Refunds may be denied if you have problems installing, setting, running, or testing the program due to a lack of experience or other factors that we have no control over.
  8. Refunds will be denied if the customer has not fulfilled their responsibilities as stated in the customer terms section posted above.
  9. Refunds will be denied due to issues with profitability. We program only according to our customer's specifications and are not responsible for profitability.
  10. Refunds may be denied in rare cases when the customer requires something that is not technically possible. We may not know or realize this until after starting on the job or delivering the program. If it is technically not possible to do something or if the customer requirements are not realistic then refunds may be denied. Examples of these situations may be caused by, but not limited to, the following: repainting or faulty custom indicators, broker limitations, broker rules, 3rd party software running at the same time as our program, technical limitations of internet connection, technical limitations of trading platform or computer, and MQL programming language limitations.
  11. All valid refunds will be processed no later than 7 days after the valid request is made.
  12. If after 14 calendar days, starting from the day we send you the program, we are not notified of any bugs/problems/issues we will assume that the program is operating correctly and will consider the job finished. In this event, all refund requests will become invalid.

Termination of Project

  1. You are entitled to request a termination of the project anytime before full payment is sent.
  2. Once full payment has been sent, you are not entitled to request termination of the project unless we fail to fulfill our part of the terms and contract.
  3. We reserve the right to initiate the termination of the project at any time and for any reason. In such a case, we will promptly return your payment in full amount.
  4. We may, at our sole discretion, terminate a project due to a breach of these terms by the customer. In such an event, both parties will not be bound any longer by the terms and we may consider the project as finished.

Privacy Policy

  1. You acknowledge that we will never ask for any personal information other than what is necessary to complete an order.
  2. You acknowledge that our website does not use hidden tactics to collect any of your personal information whatsoever.
  3. You acknowledge that any personal information submitted to us is done at your own will.
  4. You acknowledge that by submitting any personal information to us that we will never share, give away, or sell your personal information to any 3rd parties.
  5. This site contains dynamically updated links to other web sites and files. We have no control over the privacy policies or activities of 3rd party websites, links, or files and therefore will not be held responsible for any of their actions.
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