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Auto ZZ SR Indicator

Auto ZZ SR Indicator

This indicator automatically draws trend lines using ZigZag extreme top and bottom points. The indicator constantly updates the trend lines on the chart as the market progresses. The indicator will work on any type of account, account #, or chart. All settings are adjustable.

This indicator is available from MT4 MARKETS. It can also be downloaded through the MT4 terminal using the 'Market' tab.

Price: 25 Credits

MQL Universal EA

MQL Universal EA

This is our very own MT4 Universal EA. It uses all the standard MT4 indicators like Moving Averages, MACD, Stochastic, RSI, CCI, Williams Percent Range, Bollinger Bands, Envelopes, Alligator, OSMA, and Awesome oscillator. Each of the indicators can be enabled or disabled and all the settings are fully adjustable. The EA includes adjustable features like standard MM, Martingale, stealth, break even, trailing stop, signal reverse, and a timer. There are several other adjustable features also. So there are literally many different strategies that can be traded all from this one EA. This EA is ideal for anyone who wants to save money in the long term by eliminating custom programming fees charged by programmers. The EA will work on any broker, chart, and time frame.

Results will vary depending on the strategy and the settings used. Below are examples of the potential profit that can be generated by using this EA. Please note that these tests have many features disabled. Results may improve if certain settings are enabled such as the multi timeframe capability (MTF) which is best used only in live trading. CLICK HERE to download the example back tests. Most of the settings can be optimized for better results.

This EA is available for demo and can be downloaded through MT4 MARKETS. It can also be downloaded through the MT4 terminal using the 'Market' tab.

Price: 75 Credits

Fibonacci SR Indicator

Fibonacci SR Indicator

This indicator automatically calculates the perfect support and resistance levels. It is based on Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Extenstion levels. The ZigZag indicator is used to identify the tops and bottoms that the Fibonacci levels will be applied to. The indicator looks for a certain minimum # of calculated Fibonacci levels that meet at the same price. When multiple Fibonacci levels meet at the same price, it makes very precise and reliable support and resistance levels. All settings are adjustable.

This indicator is only available through MT4 MARKETS. The Fibonacci SR Indicator can also be found in the MT4 terminal by using the 'Market' tab.

Price: 45 Credits

Multi Grid EA

Multi Grid EA

The Multi Grid EA is a custom Grid EA for MT4. It can operate on any trade symbol or time frame since it's strategy is based solely on price. It uses no indicators! The Multi Grid EA features flexible grid options so you can set 1 standard grid or you can set up multiple subsequent grids. The multiple grids can be set to use different levels, different pip distances and different lot sizes. The EA also features hedging and timing options which can be enabled or disabled. Below are 3 different back test results which were produced with varying settings and lengths of time.

CLICK HERE to download the 3 complete back test reports that will show the potential that exists with this EA. This EA is only available through MT4 MARKETS. The Multi Grid EA can also be found in the MT4 terminal by using the 'Market' tab.

Price: 75 Credits

Cycles Predictor

Cycles Predictor Indicator

This indicator makes predictions in the future about when a bullish/bearish candle will form or when a market top/bottom will form. It creates these predictions by considering past market cycles. The Cycles Predictor indicator does not repaint, move, change, or delete the predictions! It can also be used for binary options trading since it draws simple buy/sell vertical lines at future times so you will know what direction to order and you will know at what time to order. It is a simple and easy to understand indicator.

This indicator is available through MT4 MARKETS. It can also be downloaded through the MT4 terminal using the 'Market' tab.

Price: 150 Credits

MT4 Trade Copier

This is a local trade copying system for MT4. By "local" this means everything is done from the same PC. It does not rely on any hosting accounts, databases, or anything over the internet. This copier system has increased reliability since it does not deal with such things as this. How it works is you would attach the "Sender" EA to the account you want to copy from. It can even be an account you do not own but only have investor login for. You would attach the "Receiver" EA to the account(s) you want the trades to be copied to. It could be your own account or accounts of others that you want to manage. All MT4 platforms would reside on the same PC and would run at the same time. This copier system is ideal for anyone who has access to another traders MT4 login. For example, some account managers and vendors might offer live viewing of an EA and provide investor mode login in order to see their results. Then you could copy their trades with not ever having to pay. The copier is also ideal for those who have a good EA and want to manage other traders accounts. You would just login to the accounts you want to manage and set the "Receiver" EA on them and the trades will copy from your main MT4 account. This copier system could also be used simply to copy trades fast to all your own personal accounts at once. So you could make a trade on one MT4 account you own and not have to worry about making the same trades on the other MT4 accounts you own. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Regular Price: $95

MT4 Product Installer

We offer a professional installer complete with your logo and copyright. We will take all your files and logo and make a fast and professional installer that looks as if it was produced by you. This installer works for the MT4 platform and is meant for product vendors who are looking to increase their appeal and professional image. If your product has multiple files like ex4, dll or something similar then you do not want your customers to have a hard time copying all the files to the proper locations. This installer will take care of all that in just a few easy clicks. This installer can handle any type of MT4 programs or files such as Expert Advisors (EA), indicators, scripts, libraries, and dll. If you would like to see a sample of what the installer would look like then please ask.

Regular Price: $75

MQL Trendline EA

This our very own trend line trading EA for MT4. It is meant for semi-automated trading. You would draw your own trend lines or horizontal lines that the EA would trade. It's main advantage is that it is user-friendly since it does not have a long list of inputs to set up each time. This EA can be used to trade an unlimited amount of trend lines or horizontal lines. Each line can have it's own adjustable settings also. All managed from a single EA on one chart! For example, let's say on trend line #1 you want to place a buy order with 0.50 lots and a TP of 50 and a SL of 25. For line #2, you want to place a sell order with 1.75 lots and a TP of 100 and a SL of 50. And so on. Each of the trend lines can have it's own fully adjustable settings and the EA can handle them all from a single chart. So it saves time, MT4 window space, and system resources.

The EA also features alerts and a timer. Trading can also be turned on/off per line in case you just want an alert for a particular line. Feel free to ask any questions.

Regular Price: $145

MT4 Copyright Protection

This is a strong protection system against copying, decompiling, and unauthorized use of your product(s). If you have spent your hard earned money and time on your own Metatrader programs then the last thing you want to do is sell your programs without protection. All it takes is one customer to upload your product to a forum and then it will spread faster than a virus. This severely hurts sales. Our copyright protection system will protect against decompiling since it uses DLL. It also protects against unauthorized usage since our system uses online authorization. So if your product is copied or shared without your permission you can rest assured that your product will not be used and your sales will not stop. It also helps against refund bandits who pay for a product just in order to receive it and then demand a refund afterwards. The system will also help you when dealing with people who initiate charge backs with their bank. If you get a customer like this then you can simply login to the admin area and turn off their access! Your product(s) will be used with a unique license key that can be generated right from the admin area. Your customers could then be limited by license key, a certain amount of computers, or expiration date. Some other highlights of our system are an increase in website traffic, easy administration and user-friendliness. Your customers will be happy since it is a one time license key registration per computer. It is not some annoying popup that needs to be dealt with each time the product is loaded. Please ask us for more details.

Regular Price: $400


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